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If you purchase by APP you can have 10% off your next order

Amount: 10%
Expires: 31 12 2018

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Get 15% discount using the code at checkout on Ounass.ae



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Enjoy 15% Off with Emirates NBD cards using the code at checkout on Ounass.ae



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What are ounass.ae promotional codes?

Ounass.ae is an online site based in the United Arab Emirates that specialize in online sales of all things beautiful. It’s all about fashion, clothing, shoes, beauty and all things on-trend. It doesn’t have to be expensive though. Online shopping is a great way to save money and if you can get ounass.ae promotional codes then it is an even better way to save money.

What exactly is an ounass.ae discount code

If you subscribe to the Ounass.ae newsletter, or to their online news, then you will get notice of all their sales and promotions that are coming up. Advance notice! A promotional code is basically a discount for you. It means you will get a certain amount of money off certain purchases. And they’re always fabulous purchases so you will always get a fabulous discount!

Where can I find a voucher code for ounass.ae?

You will usually get a promotional code when you request it. If you log on to the Ounass.ae website and you purchase something or being the purchase, you will be given the option of a promotional code. The code will be sent to you and you then insert this code into the promotional code box that pops up on your screen. It is a simple and easy process to follow. You may get codes via newsletters to, you need to keep an eye out.

Where to place the ounass.ae coupon code?

If you have done this, even just once before, you will know how simple it is. You follow the online instructions from Ounass.ae as you are making your purchase. You will get the code, copy and paste it into the promotional box, and your discount will automatically follow.

Which products can I buy using a discount code for ounass.ae?

Ounass.ae sells beautiful fashion, shoes, handbags, beauty products and magnificent accessories. Not everything can be on sale all the time but they certainly have a fabulous range of sale items. And of course, their ounass.ae promotional codes which turn everything into sales anyway. Have a look online, you may even find wedding dresses on promotion.

Why should I use an ounass.ae promotional code?

Everybody enjoys a good deal and if you use an ounass.ae promo code you will certainly save money.

How can I make the payment on ounass.ae?

You can make payments with all major credit cards, use PayPal, do a bank internet transfer or look online at the various options. Ounass.ae guarantees your privacy and safety and whichever way you choose to pay will be safe and reliable. And it will be easy! Don’t forget to enter your ounass.ae promotional code which you will get via SMA or email at the time of purchase.

About ounass.ae

ounass.ae is an online store located in the Middle East which is in Dubai and was launched in December 2016. Ounass is home to over 250 luxury brands. From fashion and beauty to lifestyle and homeware, Ounass boasts the broadest range of top-tier designers throughout the Middle East, and it is currently operating exclusively within the Middle East. ounass.ae features luxurious brands and products for women that includes handbags, shoes, dresses, gowns, shirts, sunglasses, fragrances and many more. They also have a nice selection of wedding dresses, blouses and accessories to choose from that ensure a maximum comfortability and satisfaction when you buy their products. Most of the products offered are specially made for women with a luxury based theme in their main design. The brands sold at ounass.ae are guaranteed to be original and authentic.

The best thing about ounass.ae is that it offers a free 2-day delivery service for customers within Dubai subjected to their terms and conditions as well as an express delivery to KSA, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. If you are staying in Dubai, you can enjoy this service where you could even receive your product on the same day that you ordered with no extra delivery charge incurred. Even if you stay outside of Dubai, you can also enjoy free express delivery within two days for you to receive your products. Furthermore, you are also entitled to a free exchange if the product that you received were damaged before arriving at your doorstep. ounass.ae will also give you a full refund if it is found that you are not satisfied with the product you bought and wish to return the product and claim for a refund, subject to their terms and conditions. This means that ounass.ae gives flexibility to their buyers in arranging and managing their transactions so that they are fully satisfied with the product that they paid.

When you want to continue with the payment, ounass.ae provides multiple choices of payment methods according to your convenience that includes payment by credit card, Paypal, American Express, Bank Transfer and cash on delivery. Even though almost all products are of high value at ounass.ae, their checkout page for making a payment by a credit card is secure and safe to be used. Their high-end encryption prevents scammers and other irresponsible persons from accessing and stealing your card's information. However, if you are uncomfortable to pay using a credit card or your credit limit is low, then you can choose to pay by way of cash on delivery when the product you ordered is on your doorstep. Again, ounass.ae puts your concern into their utmost priority to provide the maximum satisfaction for their customers.

When talking about the price and payment method at ounass.ae, it is worth mentioning that ounass.ae provides a promotional code for the new and existing buyers in giving a discount for the products that you are buying. This means that you only have to pay less than the original amount. In other words, you can buy even more at a lower price than before. You can obtain the promotional code from the subscription of their newsletter via email or through an email sent by them after you have purchased or bought a product from their site previously. Besides that, ounass.ae can also be accessed through an application and can be downloaded on the App Store for Apple phones and Google Play for Android devices. This makes it much more comfortable and gives convenience to all customers who wish to shop at ounass.ae without needing to open up a browser which makes it a hassle to do so. Hence, the existence of an Android and Apple application enables the buyers to shop wherever they are and whenever they want since almost everyone nowadays carries their smartphone around with them.

You can always contact ounass.ae via email or through a phone call if you have any disputes or questions regarding the products sold at ounass.ae. Be sure to visit ounass.ae if you are looking for a luxurious product in various designs and patterns that shows an exclusive feature of the product itself. You don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the product as it is guaranteed to be original.

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