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+5% Off on business class purchases from Kuwait


Emirates promotion code: 3% discount valid on Economy Class tickets



Emirates coupon code: 10% Off Return Flights From Singapore! (UOB)

What are emirates.com promotional codes?

An Emirates promotional code is a code that you get in advance of doing your booking. You can enter the code into the booking when you start making inquiries online, and you can then see what flights you can get discounts on. The Emirates promotional codes entitle you to discounts on certain flights. If you enter the code into the promotional box that is provided online, you can see what flights are available to you.

What exactly is an emirates.com promotional code?

It is a code that is made up of seven (this can change) numbers and/or letters that is given to you when you join the Emirates newsletters or special promotions. You will be informed of all the special offers that they have and you will keep being informed. By joining their online sites, or subscribing to their newsletters, you will always be on top of the list re promotions!

Where can I find a promotional code for emirates.com

You are going to be doing your Emirates bookings online, not via a third party. When you log on, you can check out all the flights available and request a promotional code at the time of booking. The code will be sent to you, either via a telephone message or an email. You can then insert the code into the special promotional box that will pop up online, and claim your discount. Don’t forget to subscribe to Emirates news as well, so you know in advance of any specials.

Where to place the emirates.com promotional code

Don’t worry, the site will tell you! Doing online travel bookings is really simple and even if you are a first time user, the site will guide you step by step. It will tell you where to put your code and how to put it in. Basically, you just copy it and then paste it! Push enter and you are all set to go. You can find coupon codes for Emirates in our website and then you have to past them at Emirates.com in the box "promotional code".

Which products can I buy using a promotional code for emirates.com

It depends on Emirates at the time of booking and which routes are being promoted. A promotional code may be acceptable on any flight, but not always. You don't need to worry though, the airline will tell you if you can or cannot use the code. Usually, any promotional code will work to your benefit!

Why should I use an emirates.com promotional code?

This is a one-line answer. TO SAVE MONEY! If you can buy an air ticket with a lower price, using a voucher code that's the best. You can use the coupon codes, but also many promotions that Emirates.com gifts to you. In thi way you can save money on your online purchase.

How can I make the payment on emirates.com?

All airlines accept credit cards and online payments via a bank. Your details are always safe and secure with emirates.com and the system is reliable.

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